Business Or Social Service?

Some of you have dreams and noble intentions, but is that enough? Here is one such idealistic young man.

Hello Rashmi,

I am Saurabh, I have recently read your novel “Stay Hungry Stay Foolish” and that is how i got your mail id. I found that novel very inspiring and motivating.

I have plans to start my own business teaching people how to trade Forex with a business. I am an editor at FX Empire but I don’t have any previous experience in Magazine, only in Forex and Technical Analysis.

My aim of launching a new Magazine is not to earn money but to make people aware about the new ideas that can certainly change their lives. I wish to add value to the lives of the middle class, and Upper middle class people which will further pull up the lower and lower middle class segment by creating Job opprtunities.

A brief introduction about myself:
Name :Saurabh
Age: 25
Native Place : Noida
Work Experience ; 2.5 Years Tata Consultancy Services
Currently : Doing MBA from Pune
As a matter of fact, I have already taken my name out of placements…

Please contact me, I need your Help !


My response: Saurabh, it’s good that you have a goal in mind and even though it may seem distant and unattainable today – like climbing Mount Everest – it is certainly possible. If you keep two things in mind:

a) Train: Today you have NO idea what the magazine business is about. So it makes sense to set a goal of learning EVERYTHING about the magazine business in the next two years. To do this you could join a media company.

How will you get such a job?Well… you have to try, try and try until you succeed. Your best bet is to try and latch on to a CEO or senior person in such a company and offer to assist him/ her. That way you will get the best exposure and learning and possibly even a mentor for your future project.

b) Get business-minded: It’s good to have the objective of helping people BUT that will only be possible when you treat your venture like a business. Your magazine should make some money, be self-sustaining and for that you have to work out a viable business model.

Remember, you cannot climb Mount Everest without the right training and equipment. And you cannot climb it in a day! Apply that principle to whatever your choose to do in life and you will find success. All the best!


Rashmi Bansal is a writer, entrepreneur and youth expert.She is the author of two bestselling books on entrepreneurship. ‘Stay Hungry Stay Foolish’ features the stories of 25 MBAs who left lucrative jobs to follow the rough road of entrepreneurship. The book created a new record in Indian publishing by selling over 300,000 copies and has been translated into 8 languages.

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